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'Spreading the Horror' Tour 2014

Valve Bar Sydney - 20th April


After a successful launch show, Bane of Bedlam are taking their sonic devastation interstate to one of Sydneys premier venues, The Valve Bar.

Joining us will be Killrazer, Drillsaw, Dionysus and In-Cyde from QLD.

Fans in Sydney, join us and help make it an Easter Sunday to remember!

From Metalattorney


Ah, Australian thrash metal. I should be more clear. This is not a band that would fit in with Destroyer 666, Abominator, or the rest of the war metal scene. No, Bane of Bedlam is a fairly straightforward thrash metal band. No black metal influences here, though there are some death metal influences based on the extremity of the sound...

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